Protect Your House Completely.

The skirtingboards also known as moldings are basically the boards which run along the base of the wall. They can be made of wood, PVC or MDF. Some people prefer to get them glued while others prefer to get them nailed. These boards are not just ornamental or decorative. Besides adding to the aesthetic value of the homes of people, they also hold a lot of purpose.

Following are the uses of having a skirting board-

1. Covering the gaps- the main purpose to use a skirting board is to cover the gap between the walls and other pieces of furniture close to the wall. There is always an unavoidable gap between the floor and the walls, no matter how careful it is constructed. These gaps can cause leakages of all sorts. It can also cause various insects and reptiles to enter the rooms. Without the skirting these gaps tend to increase with time causing the degradation of walls and floors.

2. protection- These boards protect the walls from potential danger. Moving or dragging the furniture close to the wall can otherwise chip off the paint or wallpaper from the wall. Without the skirting board the walls are always at a risk of getting stains and marks. Skirting boards create a protection on the walls.

3. Protection from water clogging- there are times when you clean or mop the floor and water clogs on the edges of the floor. Even if you spill any liquid on the floor is doesn’t come in contact with the wall. Also, the fluid doesn’t enter the gaps between the floor and walls, and stays on the edges.


Skirtingboards can be placed in varied sizes. Some people keep it to minimal while others cover the entire lower half of the wall.